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SmallRig mini Follow Focus 3010B
Date Posted: 22-08-2022 By Admin
Short Description
Brands: SmallRig SKU: 3010B UPC: 6941590009162 Weight(kg): 0.5

1. Portable, compact. 2. Precise follow focus and zoom control and comfortable dampening feel. 3. Ergonomic design, with independent modules. 4. The installation angle can be adjusted to meet the needs of handheld and tripod shooting scenes. 5. Adjustable AB marks for easy switch between AB focal length and full focal length. 6. Multiple interchangeable gears (standard 0.8 MOD), compatible with various lens sizes 7. Anti-slip and anti-sweat focus knob (imitating sports car hub).
Model : SmallRig mini Follow Focus 3010B
Price : AED -449
Warranty : 1 Year
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